The Story of Aya Huma

Legend has it that the Sun god, Inti, asked all men and women to throw a massive party to celebrate the life he gave them every day.

The people, unfortunately, did not know how to celebrate their god so Inti spoke to a cayambi warrior who held the light and warmth of the sun in his heart.

He instilled in him the responsibility of leading his people in celebration over the course of serval days, the Intiraymi.

The men and women were allowed to tire, but the warrior was to keep the festival going from sunrise to sunset through dance.

Inti gifted the warrior a colorful mask that had the colors of the rainbow and 12 tubular strips on top to symbolize the months of the year as well as wisdom, this to allow him to always be seen.

Along with this, the warrior was also given a whip to be used to defend his people and a bag that would always be filled with food.

The last gift was a white embroidered shirt that was like no other. Inti said it would distinguish him from any other man.